Quick Ride With Hawk 250 to get Milk

Quick Ride With Hawk 250 to get Milk

Woke up this morning and there was sunshine so I went for a quick ride to get some milk and fill up the hawk 250. I love riding in the mornings when there is a bit of a chill outside.

I have saved a lot of gas money using the hawk 250 dirt bike to go light grocery shopping, instead if my KIA. This was a great investment in a starter bike for someone looking to learn how to ride and work on their dirt bikes.

Hawk 250 Getting Some GasHawk 250 Black Dirt BikeBlack Hawk 250 RPS Dirt Bike
Looks like this will be the only riding for the rest of the week and weekend, shows rain and thunderstorms. Hopefully there is some sunshine and I can sneak out for a ride on my hawk 250 dirt bike.

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