Doing Oil Change on Hawk 250 Dual Sport

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Another short post on doing oil change on hawk 250 dual sport. I did this the same day I changed my tires to the new Shinko 244 set, click here to read that post on installing the shinko 244 tires.

Changing the oil on the hawk 250 is very quick and easy and cheap. I think a quart ranges from $3 to $6 depending on the one you get. I show which oil I get for my hawk 250 in the pictures below. You can also see the video I uploaded to YouTube on changing the hawk 250 oil and the quick process.

Hawk 250 Doing Oil Change on Hawk 250 Dual Sport Doing Oil Change on Hawk 250 Dual Sport

Doing Oil Change on Hawk 250 Dual Sport Video

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6 thoughts on “Doing Oil Change on Hawk 250 Dual Sport

    • Can’t really trust that manual. It wasn’t written by the company that actually built the bike. I think it’s something Ricky power sports did. You also see they mentioned to pump up your tires to 35/40psi for front and rear. With those pressures you would be flying in the air on rocks and trails lol

  • Ive had my hawk since early march. Just rolling over 1k miles. Changed oil when assembled. At 500 miles, and again when i rolled over 1k. Used 1.1 quarts from motocheez recommendation. Got in the manual for some torque specs. And remembered the manual sais 1.6 us quarts.

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