Took My Hawk 250 to Gotham Mountain MX Trail

Took My Hawk 250 to Gotham Mountain MX Trail

I found this Gotham Mountain  MX Trails that are about 15 minutes from my house. I have been waiting for one of my buddies to have a free day off work so we can go and check this out. Its open on the weekends and it was $40 to get in for the day. They have a few different trails you can rip around. They also have a MX track which we didn’t go on.

We actually only spent maybe 45 minutes in there and had to leave because the red Hawk 250 dual sport wasn’t feeling the rough terrain  =). I will need to come back by myself or someone else with more balls to hit these trails and see what the hawk 250 dual sports can do.

We did the same lap 2 times because the first time my phone fell off and we had to go back to find it. I was having a good time and the trails were getting easier but my buddy wasn’t feeling it so we just hit the streets for the rest of the day. I will upload a second video of us riding the hawks in the streets and still having a good time.  This is why I love these hawk 250 dual sport bikes, we can easily switch from off-roading and back to the streets.

Checkout the short video below of our 2 laps on the Gotham Mountain MX trails!

Here are some pictures from the start of the day getting the hawk 250 ready for the trails. We had to do a quick carb jet upgraded on the new red hawk 250, it took about 10 minutes and we were ready to go.

Hawk 250Hawk 250red hawk 250hawk 250 carbGotham Mountain MXHawk 250 Dual SportRed Hawk 250black hawk 250red hawk 250


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